Kitten Season

Spring marks the beginning of kitten season, the time of year when shelters have a flood of kittens coming into their care.

Quick facts:

  • An average cat may have up to 8 kittens per litter and 2-3 litters a year – that’s a lot of kitten from just one cat!
  • Thousands of kittens are surrendered each week to shelters across Australia.
  • Female kittens can become pregnant as young as 16 weeks old.

Sadly we already have shelters who are forced to turn away surrendered cats because they are already at max capacity. Saving kittens is a community effort and can only happen when the community joins together to help and foster.

Why foster?

  • Free up space in shelters because kittens are not available for adoption until at least 8 weeks, they take up café space that could be used for adult cats who are ready to find homes.
  • Protect them from diseases and infections that could be fatal. Kittens don’t do well in a shelter setting and experience health problems due to their compromised immune systems.
  • Safe haven for kittens to learn. Kittens raised in shelters don’t have the chance to develop social and physical skills (interaction with people and other pets).
  • Introducing them to other members of the community, including family and friends, who may be interested in adoption
  • Saving their lives.

These vulnerable kittens need help –they need a home for a few weeks until they’re old enough and strong enough to find their furrever homes. If you are able to open your home to becoming a foster parent, contact a local shelter near you :)

A small act of compassion can make a life-saving difference for vulnerable local kittens.

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